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「マンコマン vs ザ・スカトロイヤー」なんてのがあって








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Official mass shooter autism thread. I love these wacky characters.
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Man Investigated For Hate Crime For Refusing To Sleep With Trans Person


so thats where dotz was last week


if I find out dotz is cheating on me I'm gonna dump xer estrogen pills down the toilet


in case you didn't know, Lanza got almost every kill because all the kids in one class were huddled into a small bathroom closet, so it was practically an execution.


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>Mutsuo Toi cut the electricity line to the village of Kamo on the evening of 20 May, which left the community in darkness. At around 1:30 a.m. on 21 May, he killed his 76-year-old grandmother by decapitating her with an axe. Then he strapped two electric torches to his head and prowled through the village entering the homes of his neighbors.
30 kills, only 3 survivors



Okay this is sad stallman is literally looking for a place to live now and linux is fucking ded
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stallman is a loony and not because of this most recent episode
idgaf about him personally but i can see what his fellow loonies who have now crucified him will make out of this because we have seen this play out before
i'm thinking of what they will appoint for the positions he left and the sort of policies they will now steer the fsf and its projects towards
let's just say that some will now finally see the wisdom of never ever relinquishing your copyright (there are some rather big projects for which the fsf requires copyright assignment) and of removing the "or (at your option) any later version" language of the gpl-style licenses


Honestly Stallman wasnt even wrong with what he said.
He isnt talking about prepubescent children.
He is talking about developed kids.

13,14,15 would have been married off in yesteryear and medical science cannot deny that its prime breeding age


>13 14 15
Not exactly prime decision making age though. That they were married off at that age means that the parents made the decision for the child, not that the child was ready to make that decision him-/herself.


hopefully he found a house in the middle of the ghetto so he knows what it is like to use open source software


>capable of decision making at any age



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sorry for english post but what does this say and is it a real advertisement?
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Good morning. Hope today finds you all well. Wishing you a beautiful blessed day…🤗🧡☕🍁
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its with great shame and disappointment that i have to relinquish my cherished xirginity. im sorry for my actions, i know through them i've not only let myself down, but also let down the board


fuck the pringles can


translate this


Despite his fearsome status in the vk.ru, "A.C.A.B - Police pigs suck dick" Artem from the Saratov region squealed like a pig and had asked police to be called, as well as a store security when he was attacked by a bearded fellow with truncheon. Entire altercation was recorded by a buddy of the attacker. Judging by the pieces of conversation, the guy got beaten up because on social network site he has promised to meet and thoroughly fuck bearded guy's mother.


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gud mornings


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Humble Monthlyがなんか改悪してた









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Fate Grand Order -絶対魔獣戦線バビロニア-


「BEASTARS」ノンクレジット OP

「BEASTARS」ノンクレジット ED「Le zoo」


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post yellows
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RIP sulli

apparently her third nipple is visible with the overalls



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File: 1571651860049-2.jpg (383.73 KB, 1080x1349, 1080:1349, 71191235_153162652590744_8….jpg)

File: 1571651860049-3.mp4 (1.85 MB, 640x800, 4:5, jessica puttin.mp4)

File: 1571651860049-4.mp4 (4.97 MB, 640x800, 4:5, jessica phil mickelson.mp4)


File: 1571660037511.jpg (76.37 KB, 499x720, 499:720, EHSdljXWkAALDEh.jpg)


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I'm relaying this message to some "duder" guy, hopefully he can help us out.
Hey sportsball fans
Didn't really know where else to post it and didn't want to delete a thread just for it, so here goes

Ever since the fall of 8chan/8ch/Fullchan/Redditchan/9Fag or whatever you wanna call it, several anons from various small imageboards banded together to create a new, federated system (like those in old message boards) to connect several imageboards together without the need of a centralized administration, meaning that whenever one of them acts like a bitch, he's gonna get dropped off the rotation without having to lose the whole place to a lone gunman faggot.
We improperly call it "webring", essentially it's a small script that allows an imageboard to connect to other ones, seeing the kind of boards that are being posted on, with the ability to directly choose which IB to follow (i.e. the owners have dropped Cakeboy's boards multiple times). Its main purpose is to avoid situations where some company like Cuckflare could potentially take down an entire community leaving them with no bunker to move onto.
Think of how many more GETs you could snatch
So what do you say? Feel like trying this thing out? If so, here's an example https://anon.cafe/webring.json of how it looks, you can go to the main board and seek instructions on how to get on it.
I should mention, this project IS NOT DONE IN COOPERATION WITH 8CH, as plenty of anons have decided to stay on the bunkers, for instance, /monster/ and /animu/ have no intention of ever going back.
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File: 1569396062677.png (50.97 KB, 1127x525, 161:75, webring drop down.png)

Yes, it is old technology being used in a similar manner. Basically, all the imageboards on that place link each other. It's a way to create a shared community without having to be located on a single site, and to attract users to each other's website.
Let me show you what it looks like when you install the plugin:


File: 1571378029198.png (224.09 KB, 740x777, 20:21, new webring.png)

yo admin, can you update the webring plugin? It got upgraded and looks like this now. also this site isn't showing in the activity section because the old version doesn't support that




>Last activity
>1d 12h ago
Admin you need to add the entry to cron like it says in step 4 in https://gitlab.com/Tenicu/infinityaddon-webring or it won't ever update.


ddduder do this
it actually looks good when the boards are updating

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