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File: 1570625786649.mp4 (5.79 MB, 1280x720, 16:9, At least 2 people killed i….mp4)


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happy yom kippur


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umm where was this posted to?


File: 1570637825004.png (97.3 KB, 960x202, 480:101, ClipboardImage.png)


twitch, patrician streaming choice


anyone save this before it taken down pls


>>They took it down off twitch. I only managed to watch half way through and this guy is and even bigger tard than tarrant. He tries to break into a synagogue but can't because its closed and locked so he throws bombs over the fence presumably to scare them out. It fails. So he places a bomb at one of the side doors to blow his way it. It fails. Some innocent bypasser looking at this exceptional individual asking what is he doing? He shoots her but while in the midst of shooting her he shoots out one of his own tires. Fucking idiot. Gets desperate and tries to shoot the door lock to bust his way in call of duty breaching style. Fails. A guy driving by stops the car to check on the innocent woman shot lying on the ground. He tries to kill the guy looking after the girl by this idiot is so exceptional that he is unable to because his homemade tard gun malfunctioned so fortunately the guy drives away. Tard tries to get in the synagogue a couple of more times but fails all the same. Gets bored and instead goes into some random halal shop and shoots and kills one the clerks begging for his life. The other two clerks get away because again, his homemade tard gun is trash. Thats were it ended for me.


That's about it. The last 10-15 minutes of the stream was just camera chucked aside and silence. Also guy looks like der Untermensch poster.


what a dissapointment


which imageboard is gonna take the blame this time?
or wasnt it big enough?




sportschan claims responsibility
this is a day of praise and admiration for our martyr


its time to kill all the jews on this day of yum kippur
all of them must be slaughtered
starting with buckeye


good intentions
but poor and cringey execution
not to be applauded.


>mr bond


>tries to open synagogue door


>Sorry guys, I'm a fucking NEET, I can't, I can't shit. I'll try to kill some people while I'm here, then I'll die like the loser I am, FUCK


LMAO he played egg white's alek minassian


wtfpost the video


you know if they really wanted to stir up hysteria they'd do a sorta sniping campaign like the IRA did with the South Armagh Sniper
just shoot snipe jews with hunting rifles. scout out the area, find consistnet targets, plan out your shots, practice the distances, then finally record each snipe and post it to [insert chan here]
media would be hysteric
jews would be shitting their pants




File: 1570659069301.jpg (50.67 KB, 625x328, 625:328, 3e994847b017852c473fb6caa7….jpg)


File: 1570659779050.jpg (30.71 KB, 460x259, 460:259, 150620164416-dc-snipers-mo….jpg)

why has noone used these mufuhckas tried and true method?


the garlic festival was pretty close



what a fucking faggot
can >we start shooting incels on sight? should make good sport


is this fucking real? execution is way too ridiculous


File: 1570672825267.png (74.82 KB, 1300x500, 13:5, 1570644788983.png)

apparently he was from meguca


the whole clip is far more pathetic
i didnt even save it
it was up on bitchute
he literally fucks up in every way imaginable, then cries and calls himself a loser


sub-89iq af tbqh

word on the street is kohl got namedropped and now its down


Play by Play to help you avoid this nonsense because the video is fucking boring and downright pointless.

1. Doesn't start till 3:30min in. Everything before that is him fumblefucking with his mobile hotspot.
2. 4-6Min: Plays a shitty rap song (I'm sure this inspired him to kill Jews for sure), after fumblefucking with a shotgun.
3. 6min: "Nobody expects the internet SS" still can't fucking drive a car
4. 7min: Tosses a flashbang over the wall of the synagogue? Defeated by a stuck wooden door. He obviously has a low athletics skill.
5. 8min: We get to see his arsenal of explosive. Sweet jesus he should've driven in there and lit them all off and gone up like Hiroshima. NOTE: He still hasn't done shit but throw a smoke bomb
6. 830: Uses a bomb to open the door. Still fucking fails, should've brought thieves picks. Stupid barbarian.
7. 9min: Kills an old woman because he's dumb. shoots the tires in his cars. Now he can't get away.
8. 10min: Once again a door blocks his way and he can't open it.
9. 11min: Attempts to 360 no scope some old dude who checks the body, fails at fucking pulling the trigger. Drops ammo everywhere. Old dude drives off.
10. 1130: Shoots a door in frustration. Door still stands.
11. 13min: Starts throwing bombs over the wall, they don't go off.
12 14min in: with him failing to do jack shit he drives off listening to some weeb anime music, his tire is blown and you can hear it.
13 1430: "Sorry guys I tried to kill some mutts and failed like the loserkin I am" You got that right Hans.
14: 15min: NEW SPOT! HE CAN DO IT! God this music sucks, like i"m at a bad japanese restaurant.
15. 16min: He throws another 'bomb' into a deli or something. An old woman looks at him in disbelief, he ignores her and starts shooting up the resteraunt
16. 1610-30: He goes in tries to shoot the person working there, his gun jams, tries to shoot another old dude, gun jams. DROPS ANOTHER FUCKING MAGAZINE.
17. 1630-45: two employees hide behind a coke vending machine, he tries to shoot them, his gun jams. One runs away, the other cries. Crying dude was shot and killed. Shoulda ran like the other guy or hid behind a door.
18. 1730min: throws his discarded magazine in frustration. Goes back to his car. We now have the same techno weeb shitty music.
19. 1815: Takes shotgun out from his car, aims at some rando, dude runs, he shoots him and fucking misses. GREAT AIM THERE HANS!
20. 1840: drops streaming cam upside down , gets in car and raves to the stream that he sucks and can't shoot/hit shit, and is a failure. Drives off in his shitty car.
21. 20min in: Tries to run down two more people with a shot gun, shoots at them, GUESS WHAT HAPPENED?!‽? If you said "He missed!" you'd be right. First sound of police sires in the distance
22. 2030-2120: Goes back into resteraunt, shoots dead employee again. I guess I was wrong there were two employees, just one. He hits the dead guy twice three times with shotgun blasts. +10XP
23. 22min: FINALLY THE ADULTS ARRIVE. Cops barricade both ends of the street and block him in. He shoots a shotgun at the cops that have to be 100+ feet away. Very effective use of ammo. Oh he's using a homemade shotgun, no wonder it's garbage. Shoulda bought a real one from all the refugees flooding his LOVELY country.
24. 2310: Now the cops are shooting at him. Thank christ.
25. 24min: He gets through the barricade(?). he's driving somewhere now. Now he apologizes to everyone for being a shitty human being and a lousy marksman. Needs more levels in Ranger for sure.
26. 2745min: You see he's been injured in his neck? Not sure from what. EDIT: It was from his homemade shotgun backfiring on him. Another person who believes in testing in Production.
27. 28min: "So guys this was my action, I'm a complete loser, I will discard the smartphone." Tosses phone out the window.


What did we learn here:

1. Making your own weapons is dumb and prone to fail. Homemade shotguns are for weebs.
2. If you have bombs use them all, don't save them, you don't get Supply Crate drops in action.
3. Have Strong Doors. Defeats 9/10 active shooters.
4. Run and THEN hide. Everyone that ran survived. Those that hid died.
5. If you decide to do this, make sure you play Taylor Swift instead of weeb k-pop music. That'll blow people's minds more than any of your autistic ammo will.
6. Don't be Exceptional and Don't go on a random shooting spree


that frumpy fat bitch got rekt lol


honestly that he made a Luty SMG is actually pretty cool
a lot cooler than his performance
was the only impediment that easily jumpable wall?
has he been caught yet?
kinda want him to escape. he's too incompetent to deserve any punishment


>Making your own weapons is dumb and prone to fail. Homemade shotguns are for weebs.
only if you dont test them
if he thoroughly tested everything he would have known what worked and what didn't


I thought a truck went through one at some point?


Wait a second Mark was mentioned to be related to this?


Yup apparently he was a kohlchan poster as well


is that why kohl is down?


His biggest problem were the homemade shotgun shells. Most of them didn't fire, that's why he was discarding them one after another every time he tried to shoot somebody. I expected that sort of thing to happen. Every time someone tells yuropoors to just make pipe guns or 3D print them he doesn't think what about the ammo. You can get black powder but it's only reliable in muzzle loaders and cap'n'ball revolvers. Anything more advanced than like 19th century tech and you need permits to buy this stuff.



his biggest problem was being born a fuckup faggot tbh
all the other problems stem from this core issue


wheres the rest


but again its pretty cool that he made a Luty
the problems with it were probly most magazine related, considering he got a clean burst of automatic on that retarded old hag


picrel is kohl rn


File: 1570731899617.png (3.36 KB, 927x46, 927:46, lmfao.png)


i bet these niggers didnt even lift a finger and are just waiting for the heat to die down to reopen


lol i thought that was implied
dunno kraut law but i dont think you can just investigate then exonerate yourself of shit anywhere in the world unless youre a politician i guess


on the reel tho
the guy said "im anon", not "im bernd"
ive never seen anyone from gaycee refer to themselves as "anon"


>Drops ammo everywhere
Shooter equivalent of spilling spaghetti

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