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We have a hidden service again.
Posting is broken through http://, so you have to allow the certificate for https://. There is no way to make an ssl certificate for an onion domain, so your browser will flag it as invalid.








File: 1565750261753.jpg (15.44 KB, 358x361, 358:361, マジレス.jpg)



I don't speak japanese, but google translate tells me you said the threads arent removed from the catalog then whey're deleted. The catalog doesn't update until there's another post.












dudeman whats your email for >>17 ?




but ya figured you'd probly be fine with it. he keeps his board clean and legal, and he's around a lot so i think it'd be a good idea


itd be very cool if you guys stayed this site is more stable and youd be good friends to have aboard


I sent.
I'm bad at English.


you're english is better than all of our nonexistent japanese








Just put ## Mod in the name field after your name. Make sure there's a space before the ##






File: 1565751474274.png (4.88 KB, 477x24, 159:8, 20190813-225741_477x24_scr….png)

Make sure to do it when you're logged in through mod.php like this







ayy there you go
Yes, only mods can see IP






今も誰かがすじや尻貼ってるから別ドメインやhidden service使えば






this sites not just a shelter /sp/ who was the biggest board on endchan lives here we all liked endchan but it was very unstable
i know you guys gotta google translate me but ive done the same with you
if librejp was considering a new home this place is stable and youd be able to do your thing
just good to see some of you guys here


Are there problems posting through tor? I just enabled it so if there are any problems I'll try to fix them. The flood timer is also something that I've always had trouble dealing with. I think it's an issue with vichan more than anything else.


And yeah, I'm not sure exactly what you guys are planning, but I'm happy to have you here whether you just want it as a bunker or to make this a new home. I hope you find sportschan to be to your liking.


there is no problem in here.
I could not post on endchan.


File: 1565785861611.jpg (288.04 KB, 587x599, 587:599, 1511881700001.jpg)





I have a request.
Can you import endchan/librejp/ posts into sportschan/librejp/ ?
I can program a little.
If easy for me, I can process the data into the specified file format.
(but I don't know php and vichan specs)

Another way is post from my computer and reproduce endchan/librejp/'s posts here.
this way cause too many traffic.
(and I don't know how practical it is to do with tor)

Either way, I will stop if you say no.

media files: 6557 files, 7 GiB
posts: 16396
there are too many, so I'm going to reduce by conditions.
(quater, 1/8, 1/10… or OP only)


not him, but i have a bot that can recreate catalogs
at least the text portions of them
although i've never used it with japanese text


Couple of days ago /ratanon/ on Endchan was filled with their older posts from 8 which they saved, with a help of some script, post by post, it was timed to upload one "line" at every ~20 seconds or so. It took them maybe a day and a half.
They linked their whole package which was only bout 400 Megs, it contained the script itself. If needed maybe they can give advice how to do it, if they still around.


I can try, do you have access to the database? I'll have to check on what the table looks like. I'll let you what the fields are.


my bot does images
the only thing it couldn't do is tripcodes
plus it might be partial if endchan isn't stable


I know there's a script that goes from vichan to lynxchan, and it could probably be adapted to go the other way.
I might try and contact odili and see if he's willing to dump that portion of the db. I doubt it though


Can you make the default style Futaba + this extra css? It looks close to their endchan style although it will probably need to be fine-tuned.

body::after {
    position: fixed;
    content: url("https://endchan.net/.media/d246ff14aa6bb64ab97a42adf00138ea-imagegif.gif");
    bottom: -3px;
    right: 70px;
    opacity: 1;
    z-index: -1;

    animation:         colorFadeIn 60s linear 0s infinite alternate;
    -webkit-animation: colorFadeIn 60s linear 0s infinite alternate;

@keyframes colorFadeIn {
    0%   { -webkit-filter: sepia(100%); filter: sepia(100%); }
    100% { -webkit-filter: sepia(000%); filter: sepia(000%); }

@-webkit-keyframes colorFadeIn {
    0%   { -webkit-filter: sepia(100%); filter: sepia(100%); }
    100% { -webkit-filter: sepia(000%); filter: sepia(000%); }

img.board_image {
    display: none;

body {
    font-family: "ヒラギノ角ゴ Pro W3","Hiragino Kaku Gothic Pro",Osaka,"メイリオ",Meiryo,TakaoPGothic,"MS Pゴシック","MS PGothic",sans-serif;

.boardlist {

    z-index: 1;
    right: 0;
    width: auto;
    background-color: #f0e0d6;

    border-bottom: 1px solid #34345c;
    border-left: 1px solid #34345c;
    margin: 0 !important;
        position: fixed;
    top: 0;

.boardlist.bottom {
    display: none;

form[action="/post.php"]:first-of-type {
    background: #ff000010;
    display: table;
    margin-left: auto;
    margin-right: auto;

form[action="/post.php"] input[type="submit"] {
    color: red;
    font-weight: bold;


Alright I set it as the default. If it doesn't automatically set since you've been here before, it's Futaba+librejp in the box


Odili is busy trying to create a new db for the new end, tho I believe he would be open to help. Worth asking.


I sent him a message on discord, which seems to be where he usually is. He's probably busy right now though


I will create these instances for testing on my PC tomorrow.(it's night now)
Tinyboard + vichan 5.1.4 + 76chan

is it distributed somewhere?
I was watching it.
I remember… endchan's tor interval is 60 secs.
clear ip interval is 10 secs.
I have used MySQL.
But I haven't even written 30 SQL statements.
I have download posts and media files.
yes. lynxchan developer's script.
I can. but Yotsuba style looks good to me.


Apparently he has a life. According to Balrog. I found that fact very unacceptable.


Post interval is 1s here on tor or clearnet.
I don't have a lot of experience with mysql either.



>is it distributed somewhere?
no its just a shell script i wrote for imageboard spam a long time ago. it would basically repost things it finds in the catalog, it would be simple enough for me to rewrite it just recreate the catalog on its own

sounds like theres ways to import the posts anyway so probably will have no need for it


the guys on /ratanon/ on endchan succesfully imported their posts from the read only version of 8chan to endchan so there should be some way to do that


vichan has much more anti bot spam
i can reply to threads but not make new threads


i assure you new threads can be made though bot posting
something must be off with your post data


can you upload the archive of the content to a website?
could run the script for you


Way to post from my PC then I can program in a predictable time.
Way to handle the database directry I cannot predict the time.
And I haven't found an importer for vichan.(hasn't anyone made it?)
I thought to use the script as reference.
(By the way my platform is Ubuntu/GNU/Linux.)
I can upload by excluding media files.
7GB(media file size sum) is too big.
thread page html and json files.
(e.g. https://endchan.org/librejp/res/138858.json
https://endchan.org/librejp/res/138858.html …)
Will number quotes be posted without change?


>I thought to use the script as reference.
it appears one of the other anons has more advanced code than me and is importing stuff.
i looked mine over and i mostly developed it for lynxchan. it requires some rewriting but i'll clean up what i've got and hand it over for you to mess with
i remember on /librejp/ you helped me with some C before
you're more knowledgeable than i am


Someone is copying a thread…






File: 1565859724369.png (89.82 KB, 659x878, 659:878, ClipboardImage.png)

とりあえずlocal vichan work correctly
>i remember on /librejp/ you helped me with some C before
I remember it episode. but I think I posted anonymously(?)

新しい方からコピーするとして、そうすると確実にスレッド外Number quoteは補正できない








>I remember it episode. but I think I posted anonymously(?)
i don't remember
actually i think it was C++
i was very inexperienced at the time. i started C later and learned much more




File: 1565894308796.png (39.97 KB, 973x857, 973:857, Capture.PNG)

would you still like the script i have? i cobbled it together and in theory it works. whoever is copying threads now has a much more advanced program, though.

my same method of obtaining the body could be used for name, email, subject

i suppose images could be automated using remote field, however it would limit it to single pictures

please excuse my sloppy code. i put it together using pieces from old scripts– even i dont remember how i parsed some of it

here is a proof of concept running without posting




yes. I would prefer there was something helpful.

誰も知らない誰かが bot を動かしています
someone who nobody knows is running the bot.

To the person who running the bot.
Add the sage option when posting with a bot!!
Too many to post all posts!!





My program passed the anti-bot test in local.
I don't need a script to reference anymore.
thank you.

however, a bot has a bad impression and I might not use it…






no problem.

















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